A Few Words About Us

Senior Care Services at Gentle Steps Assisted Living Llc:

Assisted Living

Gentle Steps Assisted Living Llc is an assisted living community, located in Riverdale, MD 20737. Assisted living facilities provide care to elderly people who need help with daily tasks such as meal preparation, mobility, bathing or dressing. Assisted living offers intermediate care for individuals who cannot reside on their own in an independent living, but do not need the full-time health care services of a nursing home.

What Gentle Steps Offer:

We offer a warm homelike environment where residents may choose a private or semiprivate room. Each room is furnished with a single bed, a dresser, a mirror, chair night table and lamp. In an attempt to customize the activity for each resident, the assisted living manager gathers information to get an understanding of what activities the potential resident enjoyed or currently engages in prior to move in. Group activities include Bingo, word games, Art and craft, music, Current events discussion and walks.


“The food is good. I have some friends to keep me company. It’s a warm and friendly place ...”
Helen O 

“My 91 year old Grandmother who has many health challenges. Gentle Steps Assisted Living staff has provided her with exceptional medical care and a personal touch that she needs”
John G. 

“The care and service Ervin received were outstanding. your staff showed patience and in some instances remarkable innovations to ensure Ervin did not stay in bed all day”